Belinda Benn’s Sinfully Healthy Food Cook Book

I’ve created and compiled some of my favourite healthy recipes. Every single recipe is nutritious. Each one is easy to make. And all of them taste so delicious you won’t even believe they’re good for your body and your health. click here to find .

My name is Belinda Benn. I’m the Founder of Aussie Transformation Coach. Every day I help thousands of people around the world change their bodies and lives through good nutrition and exercise. But just a few short years ago I was an office-bound executive living on coffee and junk food who never worked out in her life! I was riddled with cellulite and overweight.

I had a blind faith that the “regular” foods I was eating were safe, all the while not knowing that these mass-produced products with chemical additives and artificial ingredients were compounding my horrible body composition, erratic digestion and premature ageing of my body.
My mid life transformation led me to eat better (as most people who want to lose weight generally know and sometimes do) – but as I dug deeper I found there’s a whole world of foods and “alternative” ingredients that enable our bodies to function at it’s best.

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