Getting Over Your Fear of Fat diet

Fat, a word that strikes fear into the hearts of dieters and health conscious consumers alike.  Anyone that lived through the 1980’s will remember the beginning of the war on fat and the fat-free craze.  Scientists were just starting to examine the link between the American diet and health and studies showed a connection between saturated fat and bad cholesterol.

Fat was an easy target in 1976 when lawmakers began the process of creating the first dietary guidelines. The general consensus was remove as much fat, and all kinds of fat, as possible and substitute it for low to no-fat carbohydrates.7

Many people bought into the imbalanced, fat-free diet fad. Milk, meat and cheese were the enemy and potatoes, pasta and rice became the main ingredients for diet foods. This of course led to a processed food frenzy as food makers capitalized on the new dietary

Unfortunately, the attempt to improve our diets backfired. Even as people ate fat-free they packed on pounds because their diet was unbalanced. Fortunately, today we have nearly 40 more years of research and a much better understanding of what creates a healthy, balanced diet.fear of eating fat

Heart healthy fats can help us stay full longer, protect against memory loss, fight fatigue and ease inflammatory conditions like arthritis.  The dietary guidelines have been adjusted to better reflect the need for whole foods over low-fat, processed foods.Healthy Fats

Looking at the nutritional label of My Fit Foods meals you’ll notice that fat is not absent. Many of our meals contain heart healthy fats like Omega 3s from fish, nuts, and seeds

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