The Top 9 Signs You are a Gym Junky

So you’re wondering if you’re a gym junky? Here are the top 9 signs:

  1. You’re more excited to buy gym apparel than everyday clothing. A new tee or tank with some comfortable joggers? Yes, please.

  1. You always make time for your training sessions. You haven’t missed more than three or four workouts in the last year.

  1. Writing your new training split or program is more exciting than having a night out. And on the same note:

  1. Training on a Friday night sounds much better than getting drunk at a club.

  1. No, #4 doesn’t make you a social outcast. In fact, you love hanging around like-minded individuals, talking about fitness, and pushing each other in the gym.

  1. You eat for performance, rather than pleasure. You know the exact number of calories and macronutrients that you’re consuming each day.

…….For the rest of the signs check out:

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