5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Mental Health

You probably hear a lot of people around you saying that they are perfectly fine, when asked about their mental health. But is it really so? Are we aware of how to read signs that tell us that something is in fact wrong? When we are physically ill, the symptoms are more obvious, like a stomach pain, fever, headache, and so on. When it comes to mental health, things can be a bit trickier. Here are 5 good reasons for not ignoring your mental health.

Mental issues are not rare exceptions

Most people think that mental illnesses are rare exceptions that occur only in the case of some people, so it is less likely to occur in their case. But, as mentioned earlier, the signs that indicate towards a mental disorder are hard to read or people are in denial, considering that they do not have a mental problem. Thus, they fail in seeking the needed help. In Thailand, for instance, one out of four people have one form of mental issue every year, so the numbers show a high incidence in this sector. The reason most of us don’t hear about it is because people don’t look for help and treatment as they should.

If your mind is ill, your body will be as well

It is wrong to separate the mind from the body, because our mind is the command center for the entire body. If something goes wrong up there and a malfunction occurs, in the form of a mental illness, your body will suffer as well. Physical symptoms of mental disorders can be insomnia, fatigue, heart palpitations, and others.

There is a connection between injuries or diseases and mental illnesses

Believe it or not, injuries and various diseases can increase the chances of a person to start suffering from mental illnesses. Luckily, doctors are well aware of these connections in present times, so that they can address a head trauma, accident, or severe illness in an appropriate manner.

The sooner you find what is wrong the better
Mental illnesses are, from this point of view, similar with any other illnesses. The earlier you get them detected the higher are the chances of you not being affected by the condition so much. An early diagnose will keep the symptoms from getting worse and your life and the life of the people around you from being damaged in any way.

It can something genetically inherited

If you had someone in the family suffering from a mental illness, there are higher chances for it to be passed through genes than in the case of individuals that don’t have such cases in their family’s medical history. This should be a strong reason to make you visit a doctor’s office and have an early exam. Of course, it is not mandatory for you to end up suffering from the same mental illness, but, with the help of a specialist, you will learn more about the illness and its prevention. Plus, you will get proper monitoring.

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