Before You Buy a High Speed Blender… Read These Important FAQS!

Buying a High powered blender is not always an easy choice .Sometimes it can be confusing and even difficult to figure out which Blender is correct for you. Additionally, the question of quality often times can be way beyond the  understanding of the average consumer .Here we will attempt to answer the basic question of Quality in a high speed blender in relatively simple terms.

When trying to understand the basic characteristics which come together to form the quality of a High speed blender, there are several points which should be considered.

Let us begin by saying that there are really only two fundamental attributes which will determine the quality of a High speed blender, those two attributes we will refer to as Power and Durability.

The More Powerful motor will usually be able to deliver a more considerable degree of productivity in a considerably less amount of time, and will usually also be able to effortlessly pulverize whatever is in its path.

It’s logical and in accordance to the laws of physics. A Higher power motor  will usually yield higher rotations per minute (RPM),transfer that RPM to the blender blades which will result in faster and more effective cutting, mixing, emulsification, and assimilation. It will also be more versatile and tolerate more of a load when compared to a blade driven by a less powerful motor.

It is important to note, here, though, that some manufacturers will claim their product to boast a mighty 3 Horse powers or even 3.5 horse Power, yet only put out 1500 or 1800 watts. How is this possible? If one is to calculate the horsepower equivalent of a 1500 watt motor, it will result in 2.01 Horse Power. What about 1800 watts? That will result in 2.41 Horsepower. Can 2.01 or 2.41 perhaps be rounded off to 3?

No it would need to be above 2.51 before one can consider rounding the number off to 3. So are they lying? No they are not lying, they are merely stating the Peak horse power as opposed to the actual running horse power. What’s the difference between peak horsepower and actual running or operational horsepower? Very simply stated, electric motors have two windings or let’s say are actually made of two motors.

One, the start winding, is to get the motor movement started. The other, the run winding, is to keep the motor running .Since starting a motor up requires a great deal more power than keeping it going does, the starter will operate for one to three seconds at the peak horsepower.

Then once it has acquired some momentum, it will disengage and set the run motor or run winding in motion to normal operational levels.

So when a high speed blender is rated for a certain amount of horsepower, one should take into account weather the rating is a reflection of its PEAK horse Power or its ACTUAL OPERATING Horsepower.

Let’s assume we are dealing with a high speed blender rated for a high wattage or a high actual operating horsepower. It’s certainly Powerful, what next? Does the power alone deem it to be of a high quality? Not necessarily.

Here, indeed, is where the next and even more important factor comes in, durability. Will it last without breaking down? And for how long? How much resistance or load can it really endure in the long term? Is it built to be the beast that it appears to be or not?

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