Okinawa Prefecture is well known as “the Longevity Island” for its elders with with  the longest lifespan. This world record is supported by scientific studies conducted over the years.
Japan has the highest percentage of centenarians anywhere  according to data from the World Health Organization.
Centenarians express a high satisfaction level with their lives.Elderly Okinawans often exercise both physically and mentally.

There is evidence that the “Blue Zones” have higher numbers of centenarians.They indicates limited regions.This was possible only because of the ecological wisdom perpetuated  within the Okinawan culture.

The ancient diet of Okinawa is low in salt, high in fruits and vegetables, and contain plenty of fiber and antioxidants.The Okinawan lifestyle protect against the major diseases. The natural diet and and lifestyle make up the elixir for a better way of living.


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