Pls Help GOO tell Pat Parents How to Help their Itchy Enviro Allergy Dogs

Healthy GOO is the Result of Dr Kristin’s ( Canine ) and My Experience Fighting Enviro Allergies.

Based on our combined Experiences, Dr. Kristin has Formulated our Premier Product, named >

But Do Not be Fooled by Doggy GOO’s Cute & Playful name. Please believe me when I say, that Doggy GOO is All DVM Allergist Business when it comes to Fighting Allergies in our Itchy Canine Friends.

We are Contacting You Today, to ask your Assistance to Spread the Word to Canine Pet Parents that ….

It is Allergy Season for Man / Woman and Your Itchy Dog !

Canine Pet Parents are Reminded that our Dog’s Suffer from Allergies to the Same Enviro Pollens / Dust Mites / Molds as Us Humans.

Doggy GOO is a Canine Animal Supplement, Not a FDA Approved Drug.

As such, Pet Parent Readers are reminded that Doggy GOO does not have the Clinical Evidence or FDA Approval that “Clinically Proves” that it can Cure , Diagnose or Mitigate Allergy Disease.

However, when Dr. Kristin & I launched Doggy GOO, Nothing like Doggy GOO existed for Canine Allergy. Yes, there was a Mountain of Clinical Evidence that Doggy GOO’s Allergy Fighting Methodology “Should” Work, But all the Clinical Data was at a Human Level.

No one had Ever done Anything like Doggy GOO Ever Before !

But, knew that > When We Connected the “Known Allergy Dots’, that Doggy GOO “should” Work !

}}} Time to Visit .

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