5 Reasons Every Home Needs a Tin of Royal Danisa Cookies

When it comes to having a stash of something nice in the cupboard it’s always a good idea to have something to suit everyone.

That’s where a Royal Danisa come in.  A favourite in most homes, a tin of Danisa cookies will ensure there’s a treat for you and something nice to offer your guests.

Their biscuit selection is so famous it’s hard to believe we need to give you 5 reasons why you should always have a tin handy…that said, you’re here now – so if you need more convincing, here goes:

1. Perfect Tea Partner

A cup of tea and a crispy, buttery, and delicious biscuit is the answer to all of life’s joyous moments, and somber occasions. Whether you receive good news (or bad), are celebrating a success, need something comforting, or just want a little treat for a catchup with friends. The most common phrase uttered in any home has got to be “put the kettle on”, which is inevitably followed by “bring out the biscuits”. Cater for all of life’s little quirks with a tin of Royal Danisa.

2. Good Enough For The Higher Echelons

The recipe for Royal Danisa Cookies originated from the traditional treats enjoyed by European nobility. If they’re good enough for European nobility, then they’re good enough for me!

3. High quality Ingredients

Danisa Danish Butter Cookies are super high quality, made using an authentic Danish recipe, passed down through generations of master bakers. Made with the finest quality butter, milk, and all natural ingredients – the cookies are rich and packed full of flavour.

4. Full Of Variety

There’s loads of variety, in just one tin. Royal Danisa Cookies cater to all tastes, which should help reduce the arguments at home, as everyone can have their favourites. From smooth and crunchy Choco Cashew Butter Cookies, to fresh and sweet Currant Butter Cookies, to more traditional melt-in-your-mouth Choco Filled Butter Cookies, and even the more tropical-inspired, tangy Pineapple Filled Butter Cookies, there’s something for everyone with Royal Danisa.

5. Creating Memories With Family & Friends

We often associate tins of biscuits with festive seasons when friends and family come together to celebrate, such as Christmas. Sharing a tin of biscuits with loved ones throughout the year can prolong that family festive feeling, and make any gathering feel that bit more special.

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