4 Wedding Catering Trends to Die For

Gone are the days when simple dishes could cut in a wedding set-up. In modern times,.with more and more catering companies innovating how the food is made, served, and relished — the couples are tapping in newer (each better than the previous one) areas to ensure that their guests are mesmerised right from the start.


And, frankly, we love that. The fact that the entire catering industry is pushing harder and harder to create new wedding catering trends.


Below we’re listing few of our favourites. Although by the time we’re finished, chances are that something new would’ve been found!


  1. What’s in the Colour?

Whether it’s the theme or the way the couples dress up, colour is always an important player in terms of the overall appeal of a wedding. So, why leave that out when it comes to food? In fact, if you professional caterers, can help you to narrow down on a menu that goes completely with the colour theme that you’re aiming for at your most special day. The possibilities are endless, and each one more exciting than the other! So, don’t shy. Go ahead and choose a colour combination that blows the minds of all your guests.

  1. Mix it Up

Why stick to just the traditional (some would argue boring) cuisines at your wedding when you can mix it up to create a true culinary experience for your guests? Don’t be bland. Be daring, instead, and choose a professional catering company that’s willing to experiment. Play around with the type of cuisines along with the combination (did someone say a burger-pizza?) Again, depending on your taste and preference — the combinations can be endless. Trust us, your guests will never forget. Ever.

  1. Spice it up through Live Counters

At the risk of sounding bias, we adore this trend. Once we went to a wedding that was serving wood-oven pizza. But wait. That’s not the best part. The caterers had made a provision for you to be able to make your Pizza with the choice of crust and the toppings. Now that’s what we call an experience! Similarly, once we attended a wedding that served sauteed vegetables of your choice tossed in rich Indian gravy — it was delicious, and we still talk about that to everyone!

  1. Ditch the Traditional Set-up

Traditionally, people sit on the round tables and eat their food over there. However, more and more couples are breaking that pattern by opting for a family-style set-up that allows the guests to casually move around — increasing the mingling amongst the guests and thus positively impacting their overall experience of the event. One of the weddings even resorted to creating a fireplace type set-up where the close family members of the couple passed around gorgeous looking dishes to each other and feasted in celebration.


Wedding day is perhaps the most important day of a person’s life. And it’s everyone’s dream to host a wedding that’s an unforgetting and charming experience for all the guests that have attended. Event catering by Katie’s Catering can be a great way to make sure your event goes off without a hitch, while giving your guests a memorable experience!


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