Best colon cleanse for weight loss

Before starting a restrictive diet for weight loss, you should engage in a good detox and colon cleanse program. This will help you breaking down the food and absorb all the nutrients your body needs. Weight loss starts with a healthy body, not the opposite. Fasting with the help of natural supplements, and internal cleansers can allow you to have regular bowel movements and a better elimination of toxic material. When undigested food and impacted feces accumulate in the colon, your body can reabsorb toxins through the bloodstream, causing inflammation and weight gain. If the bowels are clean, proper elimination can occur and the metabolism of the nutrients is more efficient.

Over the years, the gastrointestinal system can get clogged up from all the unnatural food that we eat, especially on the standard American diet. This can create a toxic environment that becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus and parasites. When the microbiome is not balanced, weight loss can be very difficult to achieve. The bacteria living in our guts control our thoughts and emotions. Our bad behaviors are often the result of an unhealthy digestive system. Sugar cravings and addictions to junk food and alcohol can come from intestinal parasites and candida overgrowth. Removing these unwanted guest is essential if you want to stop eating these weight-promoting foods. This is why it is important to do a good detox for weight loss before going on a diet.

A colon cleanse can also boost your metabolism, providing you with more energy. And with all this new energy you will be able to have better workouts and burn more calories than you ever did! When the colon is clean, you have less chance to feel bloated all the time, which does not make it easy when you want to exercise. Feeling clean and light is crucial to anyone starting a weight loss training program. You will feel stronger with more endurance after a complete body cleanse.
7 day detox and colon cleanse

The best colon cleanse for weight loss should involve bentonite clay and psyllium husk drinks. This will suppress the hunger while fasting and will absorb all the toxic waste in your colon. After a few days of the detox, the intestinal walls will loosen up and the elimination of accumulated plaque will start. Weight loss and fat burning will happen after 2 days of fasting. The body will start burning fat cells and producing ketones to feed the brain and the cells of the body. This is a natural survival mechanism called ketosis (or protein sparing). A 7 day weight loss detox can give amazing results in such a short period of time. All you need to do following the program is to choose a healthy diet plan.

For healthy weight loss and optimal health, following a whole food plant-based diet is recommended by many doctors. Eating organic and fresh food is the best way to have a healthy body. Avoiding meat, fish, eggs and dairy is also recommended. Animal products contain a lot of saturated fat and cholesterol, which leads to weight gain. The bulk of your detox diet for weight loss should be vegetables, beans and whole grains. Avoid industrial sugars but not fruits! Fruit sugar is natural and is not metabolised the same way than refined sugars are. Stay hydrated with 5 to 8 glasses of water per day.

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