weight loss tips for teens

These quick weight loss for teens tips that will help you change your lifestyle to eating healthier and exercising better.


These tips are not about what diet pill to take or starvation fad diet to try as both these methods are unhealthy and ineffective.

Remember, you are still young and changes you make today can last a life time.  This way you are ensured to stay thin and healthy for life.

Another way to address quick weight loss for teens is by addressing the eating habits.

With all the fast food restaurants and vending machines at the schools, it’s difficult for a teen to find healthier foods, but it can be done.

Many fast food restaurants now offer healthier food options on their menus.

Instead of getting a large fry for your side dish at McDonalds, order their fruit or low fat yogurt.  Instead of the Big Mac, get just a single hamburger.  Replace your after school snack of chips with fruit and/or baby carrots.

These changes can be a great start to help you reduce your calorie and fat intake to lose weight.  As a teen, I remember eating at Taco Bell at least 3 times a week with my friends.

Yes I still remember high school, so not that old yet. So I know it can be difficult to avoid these types of foods 100 percent of the time.

But if you can reduce the amount of times you eat out, and instead select to eat at home and choose a healthier meal, you will not only be losing weight but building a healthy habit that will be a lifestyle change.

This lifestyle change not only gives quick weight loss for teens, but helps keep the weight off by keeping this good habit.

If you are an overweight teen, or a parent looking for ways to help your overweight teen, then one of the first things you want to do is take a look at what you drink.

Did you know that a 12oz can of regular flavored soda has over 100 calories and 10 teaspoons of sugar?

Fruit juices as well are very high in calories and glucose.

Replacing these drinks with water and other low calorie drinks is a great quick weight loss for teens tip.  Switch to diet sodas and limit the juice drinks to just one a day.

This one change alone can give you a quick weight loss for teens.  By changing what your drink, you can reduce your calorie intake by 100’s of calories a day, depending on how much of these types of drinks you have now.

Additionally, studies are now showing that water can help speed up your metabolism.  So with your next meal, try a tall glass of water or green tea instead of the sugary soda.

Studies have shown that by replacing the sugary drinks with water, people have lost up to 20 lbs in one year without any other changes to their current lifestyle.

This means that if you make this change and other changes, you can lose even more weight in the same 12 months.

You’ve probably heard this quick weight loss tips for teens from your parents. Someone is always saying “eat your breakfast, it’s healthy for you”.

Well they are not just using an old saying, there is truth behind this useful health tip.

If you a not a morning person, and believe me I can relate to that, then you may have a tendency to skip breakfast.

he old saying, breakfast is the most important meal, is not just a cliché, but has real benefits.

First, by eating breakfast, you are not only providing your body with key energy and nutrients, you are boosting your metabolism.  Give your metabolism a jump start by eating something, even if it’s something small, for breakfast.

Have some low fat yogurt on hand and some fruits.  Yogurt is a quick and easy item to eat if you are short of time.  Take a fruit with you to snack on the way to school

Get active

One way for anyone to lose weight and keep it off is to be active.  Exercising is a key component to any weight loss program and is probably the most important quick weight loss for teens tip on this page.

You should aim to get at least 60 minutes of activity a day.  This can be done in more than one session and any activity will help.

Instead of watching TV right after school or surfing the net and emailing friends, take some time out to be active.

Go for a brisk walk around your neighborhood; take the dog if you have one.

Help your parents with the daily chores (mom will love this suggestion).  Even normal household chores such as vacuuming, mowing the lawn or going up and down the stairs to do laundry will help burn calories.

In addition to the above suggestions, try scheduling time for a 30 minute workout.  Alter your workout between aerobic exercises and strength training exercises.  Check out these exercise tips for more ways to get active.

Support From Friends and Family

Losing weight for anyone is a huge challenge but with all the peer pressure and challenges facing teens today, it can be an even bigger challenge for teen weight loss.

The first step for this quick weight loss for teens tip is to talk to your parents. Let your parents know you want to start to lose weight the healthy way.  Ask for their advice and support.  Go shopping with them to pick out your healthy snacks.

Enlist your friends to help support you on your weight loss goals.  Let them know you are working towards becoming healthier by eating right and getting active.

Ask them to join you on your walks.  Or if they suggest another fast food restaurant, suggest coming back to your house for something healthier and much cheaper.

Here is a great site I highly recommend to any teen looking for ways to lose weight.  This is a totally free weight loss for teens program.

The site is sparkteens.com.  They have blogs, discussion rooms, loads of tips and weight loss tracking tools to help you achieve your goals.

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